LEAD pastors

Bryan and Alisha See

Reach Church is led by Bryan and Alisha See. They are passionate about introducing people to Jesus and helping cultivate their relationship with Him. They create an environment of fellowship and encourage relationships to be built within the Reach Church community.

Their desire is to reach people both inside and outside of the church. Their goals are to disciple those within Reach Church and show God’s love through generosity to those outside the four walls. Above all, they believe in the power of the presence of God to transform lives.

They value the importance of family. This is demonstrated by them investing quality time in their marriage and with their two daughters. They are always encouraging the members of Reach Church to do the same

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Every person has a desire to belong. Jesus was given so we could be a part of God’s family. We want to value what God values, so we make each other a priority!

We have chosen to live with our hands open, knowing that we are most fulfilled when our lives are made available to what Christ can do through our generosity.

We were created for a purpose. God’s desire is for us to live with meaning, not only for the moment, but with eternity in mind. Our purpose is truly fulfilled as we help others to find theirs.

We all desire to be loved! Our heart is to create an atmosphere where God’s love is felt and expressed throughout our daily lives. 

Reach Kids & Reach YTH


Here at Reach Church we understand the importance of creating a safe and peaceful environment where children can come and learn about the power God can have in their lives. Our goal is for every child who walks through these doors to feel welcome and loved. Classes are fun filled while also focusing on how God relates to their every day.

Reach Kids believes that no matter how young you are God is faithful. He loves you and wants a relationship with you. Everyone belongs.

You must pre-register your child each Tuesday at 12pm for them to be admitted to a classroom on Sunday morning. Once slots are filled, registration will be closed. Our teachers will be wearing masks and sanitizing before, during, and after class. 


Click this link to go to our Reach Kid's registration page:


We believe in the purpose of our youth. Now is the time to impart destiny and how to learn to have a relationship with God that isn’t focused on religion and rituals but a relationship with Him that will last!

YTH meets in our building, every second and fourth of the month.

 Email [email protected] for more information. 

Reach Groups

With Reach Groups, you’re able to connect with people throughout the week! We have groups that are interest based so that you can connect with people who share the same passions as you!

To Connect to A Group

Download our Reach App to explore all of the Reach Groups we have to offer!  Once you’ve picked a group, just fill out your info in the app, and we will connect you to your group!