Core is designed to help you connect with your purpose and learn about the culture of Reach Church.

It was developed to share our beliefs, our passions, our governmental structure and allow you to discover your purpose here at Reach Church.

At CORE you can expect to hear from Pastor Bryan and our staff. There is also an opportunity to serve if you are ready to take that next step! It’s about 45 minutes long and will follow one of our 10:45am services.  

To find out when our next CORE meeting is, email [email protected] 



We are a growing church. We hope that you will help us grow with your gift and passions. We believe you are here to use your gifts and talents to love on the people.
No cause is greater or more worthy than the mission of the local church. When we give our lives away, we find them. When we serve, we grow.

If you would like to get connected in an area to serve, we can help you out at our next CORE class!